TaskHero  |  www.taskheroics.com

I consulted on the design for features of TaskHero, a gamified task-tracking website and mobile application from the founders of Whetware, Inc.

I worked with the client to pull their brand through to a splash page with an aim to increase signups and improve the conversion rate, making the page visually interesting to the user and guiding users to create an account.  The client also wanted to create a more professional look and feel to the layout of the copy on their splash page, where I consulted on the layout and placement of information to be easily navigable and understood by the user. 

With the above goals in mind, I worked with the client through iterations of wireframes, mockups, and sample graphics optimized for both desktop and mobile, making sure to maintain TaskHero’s particular visual brand of lighthearted professionalism, suggestive of the application’s gamified approach to organization.

Optimized for Desktop and Mobile

The client was in the process of building a dedicated mobile application, so it was important for the website to be optimized for viewing on mobile.  I consulted with the client to arrange the content in an appropriate layout.

Full Splash Page

Below is the splash page in its entirety, intended to be scrolled through as the user takes in a segment of information at a time, visually delineated by the proximity of information and alternating background colors.